Any Questions?

Building a new swimming pool or remodeling an existing one can leave you with many questions when it comes to choosing a solid reputable pool builder in Los Angeles. Our FAQ page is created to answer them, although, we still invite you to contact us for an honest and relaxed discussion on how National Pools is the right choice for building your dream pool or remodeling your existing one. Below are some of the common questions asked by homeowners when considering our company for their Swimming Pool Construction needs.

How much does a pool cost?
Is a pool a good investment for the equity of my home?
Can you help me design the best pool for my backyard?
What kind of pool is right for me?
Summer's over, shouldn't I just wait until spring to build my new pool?
What is the average duration of construction?
Will I be instructed on the operation and maintenance of my pool?
What is an Infinity Pool?
Is National Pools licensed, bonded and insured?
If I remodel my swimming pool/ spa, how much would that cost?
What are the symptoms of a pool leak?
How can I test my pool to determine if it’s leaking or not?
Does National Pools fix pool leaks?