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Swimming Pools Specialists

New Swimming Pool Construction
Los Angeles and Ventura County swimming pool contractor with over 28 years of experience, fully licensed, bonded and insured. Here at National Pools we will provide an understandable estimate with detailed descriptions of what you will get. Choose the experience and honesty that National Pools can provide for your custom new swimming pool project.
New spa construction
Why not have pleasant nights of relaxation on your home? Spas and Hot-tubs are becoming really popular as they incorporate water features on your backyard. When choosing to build a pool and spa, it is really important to hire a professional to work with you on the complete process. All of our spa & hot tubs are built to your needs and budget requirements; contact us for an immediate consultation.
Infinity Pool Construction
Infinity pools are called endless pools sometimes because the way they are constructed that looks like and ocean. There’s nothing as beautiful as an infinity swimming pool. Unfortunately infinity pool construction cost more than a regular gunite pool due to extra materials, plumbing and the equipment used for infinity swimming pools. Engineering requirements as well as structural City regulations are just another factor why infinity pools are cost wise higher. National Pools will love the opportunity to work with you building your dreamed infinity pool.
Lap Pool Construction
Lap pools should be designed with a minimun of 40feet of length. Lap pool construction takes the same amount of time, as a free-form pool and the cost are very similar. An automatic pool cover, shallow depth and a pool solar water system will benefit your lap pool construction. Please browse on our website for more information or give our staff a call for a free consultation for your lap pool needs.
Small Swimming Pool Construction
Here at National Pools our design staff is excellent at maximizing the space available and building small swimming pools. Small pool construction will cost less due to the fact less material is used being that it’s a small pool. Call us to find out more about building a small swimming pool and check on our current promotions.
Gunite Swimming Pool Construction
Gunite swimming pools have proven themselves to handle soil conditions and stand up to earthquakes, over the years. Gunite will be applied into your pool shell after steel reinforcement has been placed. Gunite pools will last longer and give you less problems when in comes to pool leaks compared to fiberglass or vinyl pools. Please browse on our website for more information.
Swimming Pool Remodel/Renovation
Why not remodeling your existing swimming pool? Here at National Pools we will give new life to your backyard, pool tile, pool coping, pool replaster, pool plumbing, pool electrical. Our company promotes environmental conservation; we will suggest energy efficient pool equipment. Another important part of your swimming pool remodel is getting your pool up to code as per current safety regulations. Call now for a free on site estimate.
Swimming Pool Repair
Got leak on your pool? Here at National Pools we can detect it and fix it right away! Pool Leaks can be very hard to handle. If you suspect that your pool or spa is leaking water, you will probably want to test it. The cure? Early detection and repair. Pool plumbing repairs underground are really common, as well as pool lights, conduits and/or niches, pool structural crack, plaster repair. With over 28 years of experience saving our customers thousand and thousand, National Pools will do it all. Have us help with you pool repair needs!

Is it a pool? Is it a spa? IT’S A SPOOL!

You might be asking yourself after reading the subject of this article, what is a SPOOL? A spool is a combination of two words; pool and spa. Spools are much smaller than standard pools, the measurements vary but roughly about 10 to 16 feet in length and 6 to 8 feet in width, this is the reason why they are also commonly referred to as small pools. You can think of a spool as the best of both worlds, combining features of a spa and a pool. It is important that you consider installing a small pool in your Burbank backyard (although small backyards are all over LA!)


This may sound interesting to you due to various circumstances. For instance; the backyard is smaller and cannot fit a regular pool, the budget for installing a standard pool is too high, you want the versatility it offers just to mention a few. Your new spool project can bring doubts and thoughts from, can I still have a water feature? Can powerful jets be added to it? What if LED lights are not an option? Perhaps, you can have all you imagined such as but not limited to:

  • Water feature
  • Swim jets (current generation system)
  • LED lighting
  • Built-in seating around the perimeter
  • Small but efficient heating system
  • Powerful spa jets

Exercising in Small Pools

Going for a swim in a spool is not the same as swimming in a regular size pool. This is because small pools can come with powerful jets that make a swirling current against which to swim in. This makes it a full workout in a small swimming space. But when using a small pool to work out your muscles and cardiovascular organs, the temperature should be low to avoid quick muscle fatigue. The best way to use the spool is to have morning swims for complete workouts, then later in the evening heat it up to create the perfect temperature for relaxing, and therapeutic purposes.

All Including the Luxury

Most homeowners take a pool construction seriously since it is an important investment. Installing a small pool in your Los Angeles backyard is simply more fun. Going small doesn’t necessary compromise the luxury.

Great for Any Special Event and Weather

A small pool offers enough depth to relax in during the summer season but you can use it as a spa during the cold months. Spools are less expensive because of less maintenance as well as their size.

Before Making it Official

However attractive the small pools are, they are not for everyone. It is advisable to locate one and test it out before settling for it. If one of your family members or friends has one then it would beneficial for you when making the decision. You can easily come to the realization that you need a regular sized  pool to complement the small pool. Then again, you might find out that a hot spa is all you want to relieve your body of tension and all the other health benefits that accompany a small pool. Also, for those lap lovers, committing for a small pool would give you the opposite effect of satisfaction, do your research and compare the pros and cons.

Contact National Pools to Learn More About “Spools”

If you only consider pools as fitting into vast outdoor spaces, reconsider! Our expertise in small pool building is very extensive, we can add spools (small pools) to just about any property, even small spaces. Get in touch with us today and find out more about small pools.

Outdoor Living, What’s Trending Right Now

The beginning of a new decade is here. And just like in this digital age, an outdoor living design has become all about connection. A simple deck with weatherproof chairs and portable grill just won’t do the trick anymore. People want a comfortable spot to connect with family and friends that duplicates, and in many instances surpasses, the comfort of their indoor gathering spots. With that in mind, here are some of the top trends that can be expected to continue to gain popularity in 2020.


A very bright outlook:

The vast majority of time spent in most outdoor spaces is in the evening and on weekends. Because of this, outdoor living trends are moving towards well-designed built-in lighting systems. With today’s LED technology and smartphone apps, installing an automated lighting system has never been easier. Low voltage lights add the resort looking touch to your backyard at a very affordable cost.

Naturally Seemless and Stepping Stones:

One of the hottest up-and-coming trends is to merge hardscape installations with the surrounding landscape. This can be done in several ways. One way is through selecting materials, such as stone, that have a more natural look. Pavers can also be intertwined with adjacent grass or gardens for an almost seamless effect. Another, more traditional application of this idea is to use space out pavers with strips of grass or ground cover. Creating a checkerboard or stepping stone pattern. Stepping stones are a very particular way to avoid dirty feet into the pool when having grass around the pool, turf can also be installed in between stepping stones to make it cleaner and easier to maintain.

Gray matters, all the time:

This year we will continue to see a shift towards natural materials and colors that blend in with the outdoor environment. However, gray has also become a favorite. From light gray to charcoal, gray tones continue to dominate current hardscape trends. Another up-and-coming trend is combining the two. This transitionary color phase is sometimes called “greige,” a blend of both gray and beige tones. Homeowners in SoCal and beyond are falling in love with these muted color blends in hardscapes because of their ability to work well with both warm and cool design palettes.

Getting in the flow:

People love the soothing sound of running water, and the trend of incorporating formal water features into outdoor designs is growing at an exponential rate. With our busy lifestyles, however, consumers also want a water feature that is simple to take care of — adding beauty, ambiance, and value to the outdoor living space without additional maintenance time and cost, sheer descents and deck jets are a great way to achieve it.

Baja Steps:

Either you have small children home or you prefer a nice chillax afternoon with a beer on hand or a glass of wine while having some shade, baja steps are a great way to relax on the pool. Normally 12-18” in depth, reasonable size baja steps are very popular just not too big that eats up the swim space!


One thing that won’t change this year is the popularity of outdoor living spaces. If you are looking to add or enhance an outdoor living space, now is the perfect time to plan it. Check out some inspirational designs in our gallery to get started!



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