Pool Tile Designs Without Hurting Your Pocket

I love how everybody is getting creative with all the different tile inspirations you find on the web.  We can certainly tile the entire pool but definitely not a great idea if you are trying to save on costs.  Tile installation is a precise work that entails a lot of labor, materials and time and then for instance a lot of extra $$ but is definitely something that can turn your pool project into a design gem.

There’s ways to stay within budged and giving the pool a different look, adding design accents, mark swim spaces, adding decorative designs, mosaics, stone, perhaps, stack stone your spa spill will with tile and/or stone to enhance sounding effects and give you so much needed cascade sounds in times for relaxation purposes.

Give your pool a Beverly Hills look without hurting your pocket, well, just a slightly bit by considering adding these add ons to your pool:

1. The MOST popular add on for your pool/spa that would certainly be the eye catch effect of your white plaster, even pebble! TRIM TILE is the BEST and SAFEST way of marking steps and benches without hurting your budget. Usually, trim times come in a variety of sizes, we suggest not going over than 2”x2” tiles. Our recommendation, choose a mesh tile. A tile that would be easy to install, it can match your waterline tile or not. Some people decide to install single tiles (not mesh) in a diamond shape, not row, and space them out no more than 12” How much? Tile cost and labor could be anywhere bet $200-$600 depending on the size of your pool.

2. While the standard waterline tile is 6” in depth, a lot of people like the idea of having a deeper water line tile. Enlarging your waterline tile from 6” to 12” in depth can be beautiful but slightly pricey than just a trim tile as we have to install an extra row (depending on tile sheet or tile size) around the perimeter of pool/spa/water feature; this can add between $600-$800 or more depending on the size of the linear footage. If you own a lap pool, a functional and nice addition to your pool can be installing a tile swim line, we recommend using a 1”x1” or 2”x2” tiles, swim lines are usually 8” in depth.

3. Mosaics: Increase the aesthetic value of your new or refinished swimming pool with the addition of hand-crafted Swimming Pool Mosaics. Over the past three to four decades, pool owners have increasingly been wanting to add more fun and excitement to their swimming experience by adding colorful, glossy mosaics to their pools; turtles, dolphins, crabs, you name it! We don’t charge an installation fee for mosaic designs, in fact, we will sell them to you at our contractor’s price and put them in place for you!

4. Decorative waterline tiles: They are a lot of solid tiles in the market, some manufacturers design decorative tiles that match those solids. Spanish tiles for example can be added every 2′-6′ to the solid tile waterline. Some people like to install a very basic solid cobalt/navy blue tiles and add decorative tiles every few feet. If you separate them every 2′ you would need a lot more tiles than if you space them out every 6′. Decorative tiles are sold by the piece when solids are usually sold per sqft so you can install a lot or just a few, decorative tiles range from $10-$30 a piece; so just to give you an idea if my client’s pool is 90′ perimeter and she wants decorative tiles every 4′ she would need approx. 24 tiles.

5. Have a spa? WRAP IT WITH TILE! By far, my favorite tile option ( but the most pricey one, ha!) the tiles that are easier to install when covering the entire spa surface with tile are mesh tiles, but you may choose a solid porcelain or ceramic pool tile. Please keep in mind that thicker tiles require more preparation labor, some are harder to cut and even though they seem economical, the labor can add up.

We like to make the finishing process easy and fun for you, a design gem can be achieved without hurting your budget (well just a little!), we make recommendations but we like when our clients add their personal touch, making it unique and nicest in the neighborhood!


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