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Why should I start my pool project now?

As many of you may be thinking “why should I start my pool project now?” Many of you were ready to start the construction of your pool within this time, maybe in a couple of weeks, perhaps, ready to start while COVI-19 bomb exploded. Why should I hold on to it, who knows why might be coming?

Well I wanted to give you some input on why we think today is the best time to start… Simply because life goes on! We can’t let fear take over our lives and regret later when this is over (hopefully soon), when your neighbor is having a bbq by the pool and you are sitting down on the coach watching the news. If you have little ones at home, it should be awesome to give them a place to enjoy themselves and forget about this nightmare, where from one day to another they met their new teacher at the kitchen table and landed on online learning without having a clue on how to turn assignments to the teacher electronically, when Google Classroom has take over everybody’s head and you are all trying to wrap your head around it. Just because we are still busy (steady) and we will hate to turn you offer down because you waited too long and now there’s other people waiting in line. Also, our economy wont boost on its own, we need to do your part and help each other to move things along. Banks are supporting those affected and there’s plenty of loans that you can still apply for home improvement projects. Because economists are wrong sometimes too.

Did you know our trade is considered essential? YES!
As children and families across the country are being asked to reduce outside contact or even shelter at home, the backyard pool and spa provides the ideal way for families to focus on their health and well-being.

LADBS is still open during this time to assist in your pool permit process.


Automation technology is a HOT topic. In new pool construction, particularly on the custom pools, automation has become synonymous with luxury but not necessarily true, some people consider automation a MUST to have. Being able to control multiple pool, spa, lighting and landscape functions from mobile apps has proven a hook that many pool owners cannot resist.

For wide swaths of the existing pool market, many pools built before the rise of the smart machines are still operated the old fashion way, by turning valves and operating switches. For many owners simple mechanical time clocks still do the trick; as millennials come into the pool-ownership market, automation has been a top priority.

Despite the cost, there are many builders who are still not installing automation on new pools. Younger homeowners especially are interested in the simplicity and convenience of controlling their spa with their phones. Manufacturers have come a long way and Wi-Fi itself has come a long way too. As mentioned above, app-driven control from devices is the contemporary automation calling card, but so too is the availability to expand systems to control LED lights, fire features and multiple pool functions such as , spa modes, service modes, landscape lighting and other tangential features.

Often, clients have no idea these products even exist because no one’s ever explained to them, once they found out that’s possible then most likely they’ll want to go that direction now, or add it in the future.

Automating an existing pool can mean a wide range of upgrades, far beyond simply turning the pump and lights on/off, there are those people who are tired of walking over to the equipment set and turning valves manually.

Easily access and anytime, anywhere

  • Pool and spa lights
  • Pool and spa temperatures
  • Water features
  • Pool pumps
  • Pool cleaners
  • Fire features
  • Light dimmers
  • Landscape lighting

Pool’s Ready When You Are, turn on the spa on the way home from the gym! Never leave the lights on again. On vacation and forgot to turn off the lights? Do it from the app! Remotely optimize settings for energy and cost savings.

With LED lights, a lot of people don’t know anything about technology and have the expectation that they can control the color very easily, the regular you would do with a regular “white light”. We have to proactively bring up that issue, we have to explain that: when you have LED lights without automation, you have to push the switch up and down multiple times to rotate through the colors, most don’t like that idea. Certainly if they want some kind of light show, like red, white and blue on a 4th of JUly party, they’ll definitely need a control system, we have to educate up front.

Automation is highly recommended but sometimes is one of those items they plan on doing later in favor on some immediate needs.

Swimming Pool Construction Near Power Lines

If you live within City of Los Angeles boundaries, this information is right for you if you are planning to start your swimming pool and/or related structures construction soon. Independent cities such as Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, Burbank, West Hollywood, La Canada Flintridge, Glendale and County of LA and others, have their own requirements, please call us to inquire into your specific location, all cities must comply with the most current Building Code but follow their own rules and regulations.

Eventually, all poles and transformers will require maintenance or upgrading for reliability and for the safety of the community. So, one of the conditions of electrical service is access to LADWP facilities, which is generally five (5) feet of unobstructed access.


New swimming pools and spas must be constructed outside of any easement or right-of-way permit and no portion of the water shall be under the high voltage lines. The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety will ask for an approved encroachment permit from the LADWP, but it may not be until excavation has been completed which may cost the owner time and money. This applies to any body of water greater that 18” in depth. Most of the easements are 5′ from the rear property line, but in order to avoid the encroachment application process you would need to have an additional 10’1” from the 5′ easement (15’1” total), which most of the properties in Los Angeles, don’t have.


Everyone loves a nicely landscaped yard but think ahead when planting around utility poles or under overhead power lines. Tall growing trees are never a good idea under wires as they may cause power outages if there is contact with a power line. Also, all utility poles will eventually need replacement, so any plants and foliage surrounding it will be destroyed.

The process is tedious and long, here is a list of steps to follow:

  1. Prepare your site plan to scale and have 2 copies ready to submit to LADWP (this could be done before or after obta3ining your LADBS permit application number), these sets must be mailed to the Real State Division or deliver in person to LADWP.
  2. You must fill out an encroachment application, the application is free of cost to the LADWP customer.
  3. Be patient and follow up, current processing times can be up to 4 months.
  4. LADWP inspector may require a site visit to conclude the process. Once your encroachment application has been approved, you can resume your building application process with LADBS.

If you are planning construction near LADWP power lines and equipment, or in proximity to utility easements, contact LADWP directly, we can assist you as best as we can but please keep in mind every job, every situation, every site is different, we hold no control over such requirements, inspector may require additional work or modifications to existing plans that can generate extra fees and construction costs.

As your pool contractor, we start this process on your behalf until encroachment application has been approved, then we continue with your building permit process.

I know working with the City may sound difficult and scary, it is important to hire a professional to handle all applications and permits so your construction project doesn’t become affected and delayed, just for saving a couple of bucks you could be at risk of unnecessary big expenses.

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