1. Design, engineering and City building permits

This is the first step to do after the contract gets signed and approved.

Our design staff will create a plot plan on scale and engineering plans to submit to the appropriate City building division. City of Los Angeles and a few others, can issue pool permits over the counter as long as their requirements have been satisfied. As some cities may do it the same day, there’s some that can take up to 4 weeks or even more to release approval. Every location is different, it is very important to be patient, after this, we will begin the work!

2. Preparing the site

Before we begin excavating, we mark the area where your new pool will eventually be situated. The layout is based on your custom design, and upon your approval, we will begin digging.

3. Excavation

Our excavation crew will dig a hole on your backyard and form new pool as specified on the construction plans. We will remove all the dirt and haul it away.

4. Steel Placement

Steel reinforcing adds strength and life to your swimming pool shell. We will install according to the engineering requirements specified on plans.

5. Plumbing and rough electrical

Return lines, skimmer box, main drain line, automatic fill line, cleaner line, jet lines and suctions. We use high-grade schedule 40 PVC pipe. It’s designed to prevent leaks and deterioration.

All the connections are solidly bonded and the entire plumbing system is hydrostatically pressure tested. If pool heater, polyethylene gas line is also installed. All electrical conduits and light niches are installed as well. Now we are ready for pre-gunite, rough plumbing, rough electrical inspection.

6. Gunite

Gunite/Shotcrete is pneumatically applied under great pressure to bond tightly around the steel to create your pool shell, steps, benches and any other structural assents. A deputy inspector will attend the job just verify materials and PSI.

7. Coping and tile

We will install coping around your pool perimeter and tile along what will be the waterline of the interior of your pool/spa. You will have many options of tile and coping to choose from, the most popular selections on coping are brick coping, flagstone coping and pour in place concrete coping.

8. Decking

A wide variety of options are available to you when selecting the decking for your pool. A pre-deck inspection will be needed in order to get deck in place.

9. Set pool equipment

We will set your pool equipment and have it wired by one of our certified electricians and plumbers.

10. Screen enclosure, fencing and safety alarms

To comply with California law there are a number of surrounding options available to you.
California law states that there must be a barrier around the perimeter of your new swimming pool. It most either have a screen enclosure or fence with a self-latching gate. All windows and doors leading to the pool area must also have safety alarms.

11. Interior finish

We will cover the surface of your pool with a plaster finish which waterproofs the structure. Regular white plaster or color plaster, pebble, quartz and hydrazzo finish are just a few from the variety to choose from.

12. Fill Pool and Start up

Now we will fill your pool with water. Once it’s full, we will start up the new plaster finish, turn on the pool equipment and add necessary chemicals to the water. Final inspection will take place right after pool is functioning the way it should be.