Any Questions?

Building a new swimming pool or remodeling an existing one can leave you with many questions when it comes to choosing a solid reputable pool builder in Los Angeles. Our FAQ page is created to answer them, although, we still invite you to contact us for an honest and relaxed discussion on how National Pools is the right choice for building your dream pool or remodeling your existing one. Below are some of the common questions asked by homeowners when considering our company for their Swimming Pool Construction needs.

How much does a pool cost?
This is based on the type we build – in-ground, gunite pools. We’ve built hundreds of beautiful and stunning pools that range from simple to sophistication in design that fit a variety of budgets and lifestyles. The factors that determine a pools cost are size, features, topography, equipment, additions, and materials.
Is a pool a good investment for the equity of my home?
Your pool will set your home apart from others in the mind of a potential buyer. A pool adds equity to the value of your home and quality to your home life.
Can you help me design the best pool for my backyard?
Certainly! Our staff will help you select the right size, shape and overall layout of the best new swimming pool for the area you have to work with. We understand that each home is different and each homeowner’s tastes and styles are different. We will help you with all of the details, including any add-on options, such as waterfalls, landscaping, etc.
Don’t commit with a pool contractor that will risk your property taking to your house five different subcontractors, here, we do it all in-house!
What kind of pool is right for me?
Your overall lot size will determine what kind/size of swimming pool is appropriate for you and your family, but in terms of shape, style, etc… It really depends on how you plan to use your pool. If exercise is most important, then perhaps a pool that facilitates swimming laps is appropriate; lap pool construction. If you desire a pool that reflects a backyard oasis that is the perfect setting for entertaining, relaxing and overall enjoyment then a freeform pool design is probably most suited. We can absolutely assist you in determining the pool shape and design that works best for you.  
Summer's over, shouldn't I just wait until spring to build my new pool?
You could wait, but actually the period of November through February is ideal to start planning and building your pool.

Many people choose to wait until Spring/Summer to build their pool and thus it might take longer as demands increase.

It’s similar to the concept of going to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the middle of the day. You have long lines and have to wait a little longer than if you went at some other time.

By planning ahead with your decision to build a new pool you can ensure that your backyard oasis will be ready to use the first warm days of Spring.

What is the average duration of construction?
Average ground-breaking to completion time is 3 to 4 weeks. Project completion times will vary depending on the complexity of the design, change orders (if any) and, unfortunately, the weather.
Will I be instructed on the operation and maintenance of my pool?

Yes. National Pools will schedule an on-site meeting to review the proper care and maintenance of your swimming pool and systems at which time you will receive your Manufacturers manual and all our warranties.

What is an Infinity Pool?
An infinity edge is a pool or spa with one or more sides having a “negative edge,” meaning that it is even with the waters level in the pool. Water spills over the edge into a catch basin below, where it is pumped back into the pool or spa. The effect is absolutely breathtaking!
Is National Pools licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes, yes and yes.

If I remodel my swimming pool/ spa, how much would that cost?
It all depends of what type of pool remodel is getting performed. National Pools will help you maximize your budget and will guide you throughout the entire project so you’ll get want you want and what you can afford.