The 7 Benefits of an Inground Spa

Ready to build a swimming pool and deciding which features to include with your new backyard oasis? Working with a small space and building a spa only?

If health and wellness are important to you and your family, making a hydrotherapy spa part of the plan for your new aquatic retreat is a smart move. A inground jacuzzi offers year round enjoyment and is the perfect addition to your backyard. An built-in spa can be enjoyed regardless of the outside temperature, while some days might be too chilly to go for a swim.

Visualize you and your family soaking under the stars on a cool night or using the spa on a chilly morning.

Let me start by giving you a list of the things I think you should consider before saying NO to an inground spa:

  1. Year-round enjoyment: As I started this article, a pleasant warm inground spa is great no matter what the ambient temperature especially for your home in Los Angeles.
  2. All ages: Everyone loves a hot tub, from kids to elderly. For young children, a spa can be a more inviting, smaller areas and less intimidating than a big pool. The warmer water can also be more inviting than a cold pool. Even just sticking their feet in a hot tub can be fun for young children. Elderly individuals also appreciate the soothing effects of jacuzzis, and find that they are the perfect place for relaxing at the end of the day. If you install an inground spa, expect every generation to be wanting to enjoy and be part of your longtime stories and endless nights by the spa.
  3. Overall wellness: At the top of a spa’s list of benefits is its therapeutic effects on body and mind. The warm, bubbling water produces a calming environment for unwinding both mentally and physically. You can temporarily escape the stresses of the day and indulge in a soothing soak. Within a few minutes of entering a spa, you can feel tension virtually melt away into the water. Sure, you could soak in your bathroom tub, but unless you have a large, deep, jetted model, it’s hard to beat the sensations of a spa’s warm, swirling water and jetted massage action. In a spa, you also enjoy the fresh air outside and your backyard surroundings—instead of the confines of your bathroom. Better yet, a spa gives you real space to move around and stretch out in the cheerful environment.
  4. Soreness relief and muscle recovery: For anyone with an achy back or muscles, a spa brings liquid relief called “hydrotherapy”. Using the force of water, spa jets massage your body while you relax in it. With a spa, you have the space to position your body just how you want against the hydrotherapy jets for maximum effect. The spa’s high water temperature is particularly comforting. Winding down afterward in a spa may support muscle recovery. The combination of jets and hot water can help release muscle tension, and it may help reduce symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and muscle strains. Another benefit is helping remove lactic acid that builds up pushing your muscles during hard exercise. That’s why a dip in hot water with pulsating jets is rejuvenating and can minimize the typical post-workout stiffness and soreness.
  5. Enhanced circulation: Recent research shows that heated water and hydrotherapy supports wellness, especially by enhancing blood circulation. Being in warm water boosts nitric oxide—a vasodilator that relaxes blood vessels and causes them to widen, allowing blood to flow more easily. Good blood circulation means oxygen and nutrients can more efficiently travel throughout your body, supporting the body’s natural healing process and muscle recovery. Your heart, brain, and other organs also benefit, and good circulation supports cell growth. According to medical sources, it may even support better skin tone, blood sugar and digestion.
  6. Sleep: Insomnia is a problem that many people struggle with ( I do, sometimes!), and the use of an inground hot tub can help. Even a fifteen minute soak a couple of hours before bedtime raises your body temperature and the cool down period that follows can aid in falling asleep and staying asleep. Getting enough sleep brings a host of health benefits, so if you battle sleep at night, an inground spa might be your solution.
  7. Great after a swim: If you utilize your swimming pool for intense workouts and lap swim, an inground spa can be great for relaxing after exercising. All of the health benefits mentioned above, such as joint and muscle relaxation, can be incredibly helpful after a vigorous swim.

Pool and spa combos, take advantage of both worlds: A swimming pool addition is a home run for most any outdoor living space. But why stop there when you can have a best-of-both-worlds backyard oasis? A pool-spa combination introduces opportunities for a healthy lifestyle that’s ideal for both adults and children.

So, being that said, if you have an existing pool that you are looking to upgrade, a spa with a cascading spillway is a great aesthetic addition. If you are looking to install a new pool in Los Angeles, all of the benefits listed above should convince you that a spa is essential for you as well.

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