What is a “Lap Pool” and their Benefits

This is a very common question we often get from prospective pool owners specifically those who are looking for a pool for “exercising purposes”, and although it is practically obvious, I am going to tell you today what exactly a lap pool is and why they are so popular (especially in Los Angeles). 

Lap pools are rectangular with a particular shape, long, thin pools designed mainly for swimming. 

Lap pools look a lot like standard full-size pools, except their dimensions are different. Instead of having wide, round, square shapes like standard pools, lap pools are long, narrow, rectangular pools designed primarily for swimming. 

Lap pools are recreational pools that allow you to swim laps for exercise. They differ from traditional pools based on their narrow size and overall length. While traditional pools are wide enough to accommodate many swimmers at once, lap pools are designed to fit a single swimmer looking to engage in vigorous activity. Generally, 40 to 75 feet long (depending on the yard area), lap pools provide sufficient length without turning too often during a swim.

Lap pools dimensions vary; however, 8 to 12 feet is the standard lap pool width size, along with a 3 to 4-foot depth. Your lap pool’s total area can always be customized when working with National Pools, but we always try to allow for enough length, width, and depth for the most comfortable swim possible. To learn more about our custom lap pool options, schedule your personalized estimate. 

What are common activities for a lap pool? 

Some of the most common activities on training swimming pools include: 

  • Individual free-swimming 
  • Collective swimming lessons 
  • Physical rehabilitation sessions 
  • Muscle training sessions 

Lap pools are a popular option for people who don’t have a lot of outdoor space or who are looking to conserve space while also having a place where they can enjoy the benefits of a lap pool in the privacy of their home. Of course, they have other purposes too. They can include a spa and be used for relaxation purposes, suitable for social swimming or for water games with children.

Most commonly lap pools are equipped with an automatic pool cover. Perfect for professional athletes, active seniors, and those looking to stay fit, lap pools offer the ever-ready opportunity for activity without needing the construction space for a traditional pool. 

If you would like to know more about these pools, the minimum space requirements, setbacks and City clearances, send us a message here and schedule an appointment and someone from our staff will clarify all your questions and doubts.  

Lap pool project in Los Angeles, CA. by National Pools, Inc.

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